Dagobert Peche, 1912


Akino, 26

“I’m wearing a Muveil shirt, a 20,000,000 fragments jacket and a second hand skirt.

I like outfits that are based on black but mixed with colourful patterns.”

24 May 2013, Suvilahti

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its like christmas



Wassily Kandinsky, “Dance Curves: On the Dances of Palucca” (1926)

Dancer and choreographer Gret Palucca (1902-1993) was a former student of Mary Wigman, the leading figure in German Expressionist dance. In 1925, Palucca opened her own dance studio in Dresden and developed close contacts with various Bauhaus instructors, many of whom greatly admired her dance style. Wassily Kandinsky’s four “analytical drawings,” which were based on photographs of Palucca by Charlotte Rudolph, illustrate how closely the dancer’s style coincided with the Bauhaus aesthetic. The drawings and photographs were published in the arts journal Das Kunstblatt in 1926. According to Kandinsky, Palucca’s “principal assets” were “1. Simplicity of the whole form, and 2. Construction of the large form.”

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